Tuesday, July 1, 2008

L.O.V.E story

no, no. dont get it wrong. i'm not publishing my love story. how cliche!
i would like to dedicate today's entry on my parents' love story.
a story on how two soulmates were brought together by the force of god.

my mother was a student of UKM when a tall-dark-handsome figure barged into her life. there she was, the best student of her class, studying & minding her own business. then she came across a flier which clearly printed my father's phone number & his generousity to tutor students.

i thank god every single day of my life for my mother's first B on her semester exam. after her so-called result disaster, my mother decided to ask my father to tutor her. okeyh, this is when the lurvee begins. apparently, my father had a major crush on my mother waaayyy before he became her tutor.

after a few weeks, my dad finally asked my mom out. unfortunately, my mom don't believe in student-teacher relationship. (no wonder i don't believe in student-teacher relationship too) then my mom stops taking tution sessions from my dad, cuz she probably felt akward (who wouldn't anyway??)

for almost a year, my parents havent seen each other. and my mom started to reconsider about their relationship. (umm, was there even a relationship?? ahh, lantak ahh !!) but there's still a problem. my mom believes in love after marriage. so they cant date.

oh godd, damn right they didnt date. they got married before my mom gradute college. things went smoothly. like my mom planned, they started falling madly in love...after marriage. two years after their wedding, a world-disaster-phenomena started growing in my mom's wombs. (guess who ??) at that time, my mother is only months away from graduating college.

on feb7, world-disaster-phenomena was born into this cruel world, followed by her annoying siblings.

where are they now??

living happily in Tokyo.

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